The Kelowna Garden Club has collected a few favourite resources– articles, book reviews, and gardening-related websites.


BC  Community Bat Programs- resource for Kelowna Garden Club

BC Community Bat Programs 

Learn all about bats, how and why we should live with bats, how to safely remove bats , how to build your own bat box and how to get involved in bat conservation and research. Also check out the article on “Gardening for Bats” in our article section below!


BC  Council of Garden Clubs resource for Kelowna Garden Club

BC Council of Garden Clubs 

The BC Council of Garden Clubs was founded in British Columbia in 1943 with purpose of speaking with a unified voice for horticulture and to further the interest in conservation and civic beautification.


Border Free Bees resource for Kelowna Garden club
Border Free Bees
Border Free Bees is a long-term public art initiative headed by Dr. Cameron Cartiere and Associate Professor Nancy Holmes, in collaboration with numerous strategic partners.

Public Art Pollinator Pastures: Kelowna 
The Public Art Pollinator Pasture is a venture to link art, science, and innovative community involvement to address problems related to food security (for humans and for bees), land use, and pollinator population collapse.

Community Gardens resource for Kelowna Garden club
Community Gardens
Don’t have your own garden space? Community gardens provide plots, irrigation water, compost bins and tools at each garden site. Gardeners are encouraged to grow vegetables, herbs and flowering plants. Information on local community gardens in Kelowna and Central Okanagan.

City of Kelowna | Central Okanagan

E-fauna BC resource for Kelowna Garden club

Earthworms and More Fauna of BC

E-Fauna BC is a volunteer-driven, GIS-based biogeographic atlas of the wildlife of British Columbia that provides a centralized source of scientifically accurate information for use in conservation, education and research. Species covered range from mammals, birds, amphibians and fish to sea stars, sea cucumbers, insect and arachnids and includes marine, freshwater and terrestrial species.

E-flora BC resource for Kelowna Garden club
E-flora BC

E-Flora BC is an online biogeographic atlas of the flora (vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, and algae), fungi and slime molds of British Columbia. It includes a significant citizen science data component and a search feature to access species pages.

Garden Making resource for Kelowna Garden club

Garden Making

A Canadian website inspiring and informing home gardeners. Topics include garden design, container gardening, food growing and international gardens to visit.

Make Water Work resource for Kelowna Garden club
Make Water Work 

The Okanagan is on the front lines of climate change, shifting between flooding and drought, and extreme fire seasons. Make Water Work is aimed at preparing residents with resilient landscapes that can handle wet and dry years, and help ensure a sustainable water supply for our valley.

This site is full of easy tips to limit your outdoor water use so we can all work together to reduce water waste.

Okanagan Xeriscape Association resource for Kelowna Garden club

The Okanagan Xeriscape Association

OXA was founded in 2009 to help people Garden with Nature, conserving water and energy in the process, but creating beauty. Explore our Plant Database, learn about Xeriscape gardening and visit our two Demonstration Gardens- the UnH2O garden off Gordon Drive and the West Kelowna Spirit Square Garden.

Okanagan Xeriscape Association resource for Kelowna Garden club
Peony Society

The Canadian Peony Society is dedicated to the growth and development of Peonies. This site is packed with valuable resources for all things peony– articles, seed sales, root sales, events and more.
Seeds of Diversity resource for Kelowna Garden club

Seeds of Diversity

We are a group of seed savers who protect Canada’s seed biodiversity by growing it ourselves and sharing it with others. Every year, we multiply the most vulnerable seed varieties that we can, exchange seeds with each other, and keep those varieties alive and in cultivation for future gardeners to enjoy. (Seedy Saturday Events)


Benvoulin Heritage Church Garden resource for Kelowna Garden club
Benvoulin Heritage Church garden

This Kelowna landmark for over a century provides many delights to those who visit. Circular pews, rich woodwork, a pump organ dating back to its earliest days and the Benvoulin Cottage Gardens are among the treasures to be found.

Guisachan Heritage Park resource for Kelowna Garden club
Guisachan Heritage Park

A beautiful park with lush flower beds surrounding the Guisachan House, originally built in 1891 as a summer home for the Earl and Countess of Aberdeen. This is a popular spot for tourists and weddings due to its gorgeous plantings and historical significance.

Linden Gardens resource for Kelowna Garden club
Linden Gardens, Kaleden

Our gardens are ever changing with the seasons. Cherry blossoms of spring give way to stunning peonies and roses of early summer. Walk the quiet paths surrounded by streams and willow trees. Picture yourself in our magical gardens and dream the day away.

Summerland Ornamental Gardens resource for Kelowna Garden club

Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Discover the flower beds, shrubs and heritage trees. Learn about conserving water in the Xeriscape Garden and the value of native pollinators in the 3Bs Area. Enjoy a leisurely picnic in the Weeping Beech Garden, the serenity of the Shade Garden, or a brisk hike along the Canyon Trail.



African Violet Care
Jean Dangerfield

Dahlia Cultural Information
Ferncliff Gardens

Getting Ready to Plant Dahlias
Marianne Boda

Overwintering Dahlias
Linda McIntosh, OKMG

Overwintering Zonal Geraniums
Jean Dangerfield

Why Didn’t My Iris Bloom?
Oregon Trail Iris Society


Gardening for Bats
BC Community Bat Program

Fall Pruning
Debbie Morris

Ergonomic Tips for Garden Clean-up
Gillian Reid

Gardening Exercises
Norm Smithwick

Winter Sowing Without Lights
Rosemary Botner

Backyard Bounty- Book Review
Mary Trianer

Preparing for Flower Shows
Judy Runzer