The Kelowna Garden Club holds regular meetings to share club news and upcoming activities as well as to give members an opportunity to take part in our Grow and Show and enjoy a guest speaker. View our speaker list below and check our newsletter for updates.

Meetings are held from March to June and September to December.

Whether you are new to gardening, an experienced gardener or just thinking of starting to garden– all are welcome to join our community of gardening enthusiasts!
Kelowna Garden Club house tour


The First Tuesday of the month from March to June and from September to December

The Evangel Church
3261 Gordon Drive, Kelowna
Just south of K.L.O. Road– enter through the southwest door

Meetings begin at 6:30 pm. Doors open at 6:00 – Grow & Show entries must be in place by 6:20 pm.


    March 5:
    Rock your Block with Spring 2024’s New Plants!
    Harriet Hanna
    Now retired, Harriet Hanna formerly managed the Garden Center at Hanna Orchards Market and Garden Center. She is passionate about gardening and loves to share her knowledge and passion with others, teaching gardening and landscaping courses, doing custom garden design, having a daily garden minute on local radio for many years, producing a weekly newsletter with timely garden tips, and speaking to garden and service clubs.

    She has a Qualified Plantsmen diploma from the University of Guelph, teaches Master Gardener modules, and is a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, having spent more than 45 years doing everything in the garden the wrong way at least once – the best teacher of all!


    Harriet Hanna Kelowna Garden club speaker March 2024

    April 2:
    Bloom Your way into Summer 2024!
    Samantha Ulasy
    Margaret Valley Landscaping

    Learn what’s new in the plant world for annuals, perennials, and shrubs. Sam will give you some inspiration on choosing your plants for the upcoming garden season as well as tips and tricks to creating a garden of your dreams!

    She will go over some of her favourite plants as well as how to make this garden season a successful one!

    Samantha Ulasy Kelowna Garden club speaker April 2024

    May 7:
    Give Your Garden The Support It Needs
    Annabel Stanley
    The Okanagan Folk School

    Annabel is a natural fibre artist living in the Okanagan who has been weaving for over 20 years. She will demonstrate some Okanagan garden support ideas for you from sweet peas to peonies, runner beans to clematis. Perhaps a screen to create a natural message board or to create privacy. Naturally-sourced Willow, Dogwood, Alder, and other natural fibres woven into beautiful garden structures and a broom to keep it all neat and tidy!

    Annabel Stanley Kelowna Garden club speaker May 2024


    July 9 – Annual Picnic

    November– Year in Review slide show

    December 3 – Annual Christmas party

     June 4:
    Conserving Water and Improving Plant Performance Organically
    Joshua Langfield
    SiteOne Landscape Supply

    Joshua is a Level 2 IIABC Irrigation Designer with 21 years in the Industry. He also has an extensive background in Waterworks, Wastewater Treatment, Drainage, and Water Conservation. He is a forever student and loves to Learn. He is passionate about the Ecology of our groundwater, streams, lakes, and oceans with a focus on how to protect them as our planet’s greatest resource which all life on Earth depends on.

    Harriet Hanna Kelowna Garden club speaker March 2024

    September 3:
    A Year in the Life of a Dahlia
    Jennifer Zak

    Jennifer has been a member of the Vancouver Dahlia Society since 1987. She started out just planting a few bulbs and gradually increased her garden to 200 plants. She is moving to a new house soon and is excited to see how many get planted this season.

    Jennifer became interested in horticultural judging and advanced through 3 levels of training to become a Senior Dahlia Judge. She also trained through the BC Council of Garden Clubs to become a Horticultural and Floral Design judge. That wasn’t enough so she took the Rose judging course through the Canadian Rose Society and the Vancouver Master Gardeners course. Her experience is in growing on the coast but her daughter has lived in
    Kelowna for 18 years so she is familiar with a lot of the growing conditions in the Okanagan as well.

    Jennifer Zak Kelowna Garden club speaker September 2024

    October 1:
    Houseplants & Fall – Plant Parenting 101
    Matt Groening

    As a proud member of my indigenous community, I’ve always felt a deep connection to the natural world. This bond has fueled my passion for plants, a journey that has spanned over a decade. My fascination with flora isn’t just a hobby; it’s a vital part of my identity and a practice I eagerly share with others.

    With over 10 years of experience in plant care, I specialize in creating lush, green spaces that bring the serenity of nature indoors. My approach is rooted in a detailed understanding of plant biology and an innate ability to foster thriving environments. I believe that every leaf, stem, and flower has a story to tell and a lesson to teach.

    Matt will talk about parenting your houseplants into Fall.

    Matt Groening Kelowna Garden club speaker October 2024


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    2023/2024 EXECUTIVE

    President is Alicja Paradzik.

    Alicja can be reached by email or
    ​send us a pm on our Facebook page.

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    Kelowna Garden Club Annual Picnic
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    Kelowna Garden Club summer picnic meeting
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