The Kelowna Garden Club offers a variety of activities for club members.  We invite you to participate in yearly “Open Gardens”, local garden tours, plus occasional road trips and workshops.

If you would like to open your garden to the garden club for a local tour or have an idea for a tour or trip, please contact your Open Gardens Coordinators:
Kelowna– Marilyn Degraw and West Kelowna– Linda Edser

Kelowna Garden Club Open Gardens Tour 2023


-Succulent Living Wreath Workshop 

Saturday, June 1st – 10 am to 12 noon – $15

We are very excited to present our first Workshop for 2024! During this 2-hour hands-on session, our member, Heather Doheny, will lead 12 participants through the process of creating a Succulent Living Wreath.

The venue will be Lisa B’s garden at 1694 Rutland Rd. Participants will be required to supply their own ‘hen & chick’ or other succulents of choice – enough to roughly cover an 8.5×11 sheet of paper (think hardy succulents), and a pair of scissors. All other materials will be supplied including wire wreath frame, succulent soil, moss, florist wire etc. 

Anyone wishing to attend who does not have access to their own supply of ‘hen & chicks’ could consider acquiring some at the KGC Plant Sale on May 4th.

This workshop can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants so hurry to register by e-mailing Tricia Lourens at or, space available, at the May 7th meeting.

The cost is $15 to cover the purchase of the materials. Payment via cheque at the May meeting or by e-transfer to by Wednesday, May 22.

Heather, a retired Master Gardener, was raised in Kelowna from 1957 by an avid gardener (aka ‘garden addict’) and spent many happy hours at Burnett Greenhouses!  Both parents were also artists so creativity was passed down as well. 

Her years from 1982 – 1996 were spent in the Lower Mainland gardening there and raising three children.  During this time, Heather taught decor and garden craft courses through Surrey and Whiterock Adult Education. 

With a return to Kelowna in January 1997 Heather had several new home gardens to design and play in….and create great compost…she’s also a ‘compost nerd’.  Creativity is always forefront, and the opportunity later presented for Heather to be involved as a decorator for Kelowna’s Homes for the Holidays for several years.  From there she has been a Team Leader for Kelowna’s Flower Power Garden Tour and is looking forward to the 2024 Tour on June 15. 

Heather has been a member of BC Communities in Bloom since 2008 and is currently a Board Member of the organization.  She is always happy to share garden decor tips and trends and this time, a ‘Succulent Living Wreath’!

Succulent Wreath workshop
Heather Doheny Wreath workshop

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Kelowna Garden Club basket making workshop event
Kelowna Garden Club activities- Bylands tour
Kelowna Garden Club activities- Bylands tour
Kelowna Garden Club Open Gardens at the Inglis garden
Kelowna Garden Club activities- japanese garden tour
Kelowna Garden Club Open Garden at the Hathway house