The Kelowna Garden Club Annual Flower Show is a major event for all and this year we are celebrating our centennial– 1924 to 2024 – with our theme 100 Years of Growing!

The show includes floral displays, speakers, demonstrations and workshops, Master Gardeners on hand to speak with, art and craft vendors and a garden tour.

The show is held in the beautiful Guisachan Heritage Park which is well worth visiting in itself. See details below.

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Sincerest thanks to our sponsors:

Art Knapps Plantland, Bylands Garden Centre, Creations by Mom & Me Flowers, Dogwood Nursery & Landscaping, Starbucks at Guisachan Village, Teaberry’s Fine Teas and The Greenery.

Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show rose

2024 flower show


100 Years of Growing!

LOCATION: Guisachan Heritage Park
1060 Cameron Avenue, Kelowna

DATE: Saturday, June 29, 2024

No entry fees for exhibitors
Free admission to the gardens and Flower Show​

  • Display of over 150 entries in Horticulture, Flower Arrangements, Potted Plants and Children’s categories
  • Speakers, demonstrations, and workshops throughout the day
  • Master Gardeners available to answer gardening questions
  • Floral Art Displays
  • Art and Craft vendors
  • Walk and Talk in the Gardens with Don Burnett

Mark this event on your calendar, better yet, enter the show! 



Judging will be done in accordance with the BC Council of Garden Clubs’ Judging Standards.

Floral entries are accepted from 8 am to 9 am. All entries must be in place by 9 am and remain in place until the 3 pm pick-up time.

Category winners receive ribbons for first, second, and third in each class, if the judges feel such awards are warranted. Category winners will receive awards and rosettes.

A trophy is awarded to the aggregate winner. The winner’s name will be engraved on the trophy, and the winner will receive an engraved medallion as a keepsake.


  • Everyone is welcome to submit entries. Entries are not limited to Kelowna Garden Club Members. There Are No Entry Fees.
  • All flowers must be from the exhibitor’s garden. Purchased flowers may be used only where stated in specific classes.
  • There is no limit to the number of classes entered. Note: Only one entry per class is permitted.

Complete rules and regulations and all of the plant classes and categories for 2024 can be found in this printable Flower Show Schedule PDF.

2024 Theme– 100 Years of Growing                Colour of the Year– Peach Fuzz

If entry calls for a single bloom, all side buds must be removed. Flowers must have a stem with its own foliage, unless otherwise stated.

Vases will be available for Classes 1 thru 5 if needed.

Heavy flowers on a long stem must be placed in a sturdy container.

All roses and cut flowers should be named if possible.

Class 1– HYBRID TEA ROSE – one bloom, two-thirds to three-quarters open with own foliage,
 Red or Peach.

Class 2– HYBRID TEA ROSE – one bloom, two-thirds to three-quarters open, with own foliage. Any
 colour except Red or Peach

Class 3– FLORIBUNDA. ROSE – one spray, any colour

Class 4– MINIATURE ROSE – one bloom, any colour

Class 5– MINIATURE ROSES – three miniature blooms, may be different colours

Class 6–MOST FRAGRANT ROSE – a single rose in a bowl that has been covered with plastic to hold
 the aroma

Class 7– PERENNIALS – three different perennials with their own foliage arranged together

Class 8– BEGONIA – one single bloom, any colour, floating in a shallow dish of water

Class 9– CLEMATIS – one single bloom, any colour, with its own foliage

Class 10– SHASTA DAISIES – any type, five stems of the same variety

Class 11– LAVENDER – Ten stems in a suitable container

Class 12– DELPHINIUM – one stem, any colour, in a sturdy container for the Jillian Reid Cup for Best Delphinium

Class 13– ANNUAL SWEET PEAS – Five stems any colour, in a vase, for the Amateur Sweet Pea 
 Association Challenge Cup donated by Mrs. M. Boyce .

Class 14– LILIUM – One stem, multiple blooms, any colour of the true lily (Lilium) placed in a sturdy container for the Kelowna Garden Club Lily Award, donated by Mrs. Spietelsbach

Class 15– OPEN CLASS – Any flower not included in the above classes, with or without its own foliage


Class 16– FABULOUS FOLIAGE – an exhibit of different varieties of foliage

Class 17– JUST PEACHY – a monochromatic exhibit of flowers in shades of peach with
 your choice of greenery

Class 18– A BOUQUET OF ROSES – an exhibit of various roses with any foliage

Class 19– TEA TIME – an exhibit of flowers and greenery in a teacup and saucer

Class 20– TEA FOR TWO – matching arrangements in two mini teacups, each teacup design to be no more than five inches in height and width

Class 21– NAME THAT SONG  – an arrangement representing a song title. Accessories allowed. 
 Please name your song.

Class 22– FROM GRANDMA’S ATTIC – an exhibit of flowers and greenery in a vintage container

Class 23– HYDRANGEA BOUQUET – an exhibit featuring hydrangeas and any greenery. May include 
 other flowers.

Class 24– ORIENTAL SIMPLICITY – an exhibit of up to three flowers with greenery, all of which may be purchased. Accessories allowed.

Class 25– LET’S GET STARTED  – an exhibit of summer flowers and greenery by a Novice Exhibitor.
 (A novice exhibitor is a person who has never won a blue ribbon in a flower show)

Class 26– WOVEN WONDERS – an exhibit of flowers in a basket with a handle. May include foliage and
 grasses. Must be easily lifted by the handle.

All entries MUST be planted in a lightweight easy-to-lift container.

Class 27– TASTY HERBS – a variety of three to six different individually labeled culinary herbs planted in a container. Maximum of six plants.

Class 28– ENCHANTED GARDEN – a miniature garden of small plants in a shallow container. May include small figures and accessories.

Class 29– CAN BE PRICKLY – an assortment of cacti and/or succulents of any kind in a shallow planter.
 Accessories allowed.

Class 30– CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION – A lightweight patio container celebrating 100 Years of Growing. 
 Accessories allowed. Must not weigh more than twenty pounds.

Class 31– LOOK WHAT I FOUND! – Small objects found in nature displayed together with small plants in 
 a shallow container.

Class 32– GARDEN BOUNTY – A minimum of three edible plants to a maximum of six plants potted in a 
 suitable container. May include vegetables, fruit and/or edible flowers.
 Accessories allowed.

Class 33– VIBRANT COLOURS – an exhibit of vibrantly coloured flowers and greenery potted in a hanging

Class 34– HOME SWEET HOME – Your favourite house plant, small to medium.

Class 35– DREAMING OF THE TROPICS – an arrangement of small tropical plants, which may be 
 purchased, potted in a container. Accessories allowed.

up to twelve years of age, cash prizes

Class 36– CHILD’S CREATION – a container of potted plants grown by a child.

Class 37– FLOWER GARDEN – an exhibit of cut flowers and greenery exhibited in a container chosen by a child exhibitor.



Exhibit– An exhibit is an entry made of plant material in a suitable container, with or without accessories. Plant material must predominate over all components of the exhibit.

Accessory– Any item other than fresh-cut plant material that accents or adds feeling to the theme or purpose the arranger is interpreting. Accessories can be used only if stated in the schedule.

Spray– A stem with a cluster of blooms (florescence). A spray should have three or more open blooms. Note, a bud is not a bloom.

Stem– The major supporting part of a plant to which buds, leaves and flowers are attached.

Want some tips?

If you are getting plants ready for the Flower Show, here are some great tips on conditioning your flowers plus criteria that will be helpful when preparing flowers to enter a flower show.

Annual Flower Show Photos

Submitted by Kelowna Garden Club members

Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- passionate about purple
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- foliage class entries
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- teacup arrangements
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show basket vendor
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- begonia
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- succulents vendor
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show roses arrangement
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show demonstrations
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- floral art display
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- woven wonders class entries
Kelowna Garden Club Flower Show- childrens arrangements