This page is dedicated to our popular “Grow and Show” which takes place at every Kelowna Garden Club meeting. This “mini garden show” allows everyone to show their best and most unique plant material grown in their gardens, inside their homes, or in outdoor containers.

Each meeting has various classes for showing and you can find more detailed information along with the complete 2024 Schedule here. We hope these gallery photos will inspire you to join in!


Class 1-“Lenten Rose”
Michael Hunter

Class 2- “Blooming Branches”
Bev Akerlund, Shirley Hathway

Class 3- “Dancing Daffodils”
Michael Hunter, Bev Akerlund, Shirley Hathway, Marilyn Degraw

Class 4- “Happy Spring”
No entries

Class 5- “Spring Tea”
Michael Hunter, Lillian Sokil

Class 6- “Wild Edibles”
Bev Akerlund

Class 7- “Show & Tell”
Heather Doheny, Bev Akerlund, Rada Tome, Marian Ingram

Grow and Show entry Aconite

Class 3– Dancing Daffodils

Grow and show entry- Lenten Rose

Class 1 – Lenten Rose

Grow and show entry- Daphne branch

Class 2 – Daphne Branch

Grow and show entry- spring tea

Class 5 – Spring Tea

Grow and show entry- Spring Tea

Class 5 – Spring Tea

Grow and show entry- Spring Tea

Class 5 – Spring Tea

Grow and show entry- Wild Edibles

Class 6 – Wild Edibles- Nettles

Grow and Show entry Pansy and Moss Wreath

Class 7 – Moss and Pansy Wreath

Grow and Show entry Gasteria

Class 7 – Gasteria

Grow and show entry- Sweet potato

Class 7 – Sweet Potato

Grow and show entry-Oxalis

Class 7– Oxalis


Class 1-“First Sign of Spring”
Shirley Hathaway & Marilyn Degraw

Class 2- “Indoor Pleasure”
Bev. Akerlund, Jean Dangerfield, Shirley Hathaway, Brendalyn Belbin

Class 3- “Spring is Coming”
No Entries

Class 4- “Might be Prickly”
Bev Akerlund

Class 5- “Oriental Delight”
Jean Dangerfield

Class 6- “Growing Green”
Bev Akerlund

Class 7- “Show & Tell”
Jean Dangerfield, Shirley Hathaway, Dorothy Rogowski, Marian Morry

Grow and Show entry Aconite

Class 1– Aconite

Grow and Show entry Tradescantia spathacea

Class 2 – Tradescantia spathacea

Grow and show entry- Rabbit's Foot Fern

Class 2 – Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Grow and show entry- Echiverias

Class 2 – Echiveras

Grow and show entry- Aloe Vera

Class 2 – Aloe Vera

Grow and show entry- Might be Prickly

Class 4 – Might Be Prickly

Grow and show entry- Oriental Delight

Class 5 – Oriental Delight

Grow and show entry- Alfalfa Sprouts

Class 6 – Alfalfa Sprouts

Grow and show entry- Meyer Lemon

Class 7 – Meyer Lemon

Grow and show entry- Orchid Transplant

Class 7– Orchid tramsplant success