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Saturday, February 24
9 AM – 4 PM 

Trinity Church, Springfield Road in Kelowna

Kelowna Garden Club presents Gardening Into the Future

To kick off our 100th Anniversary celebration, the Kelowna Garden Club is thrilled to present Gardening into the Future.

Gardening Tradeshow– 
Open to the public at no cost, the tradeshow includes exhibitors and demonstrations highlighting local garden-related businesses, artists, and educational groups. (see list below)

Speaker Event–
Tickets are $50.00 each in advance and will not be available at the door. Hosted by renowned local gardening guru, Don Burnett, this event brings together 4 dynamic speakers who will speak about Okanagan-specific gardening issues like drought-tolerant plants, pest management, vegetable gardening, and small-space container gardening. Talks are one hour in length and a box lunch will be provided. Final day for ticket sales is Tuesday, February 20 at 4:30 pm.

* Please note– On the day of the event, you will receive a wristband. Members who bring this wristband to the March or April KGC meeting will receive a $10.00 refund on their ticket purchase. Just another perk of being a Kelowna Garden Club member!


Tickets include access to all four speakers as well as the gardening trade show, plus a box lunch.

$50 each in advance and will not be available at the door.

Available until Feb 20, 4:30pm!

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  • 3 Girls and a Hoe – landscaping/gardening
  • Art Knapp Plantland Nursery
  • Art with Aubs – paper flower magnets
  • Better World Club – native plant awareness
  • Bonsai Club – bonsai display
  • City of Kelowna – Watersmart
  • Flower Power – promoting Flower Power Tour
  • The Greenery Nursery – preparing for Spring
  • Kelowna Tree Protectors
  • Lazy Composter – kitchen composting method
  • Lilian Sokil – art work
  • Native Bee Society of BC
  • Okanagan Floral Art
  • Okanagan Master Gardeners
  • Okanagan Orchid Society
  • Okanagan Xeriscape Association
  • Passionate Blooms – floral moss walls, plants, kokedama balls
  • P.S. Florals – floral designs
  • Rotary Pollinator Gardens
  • Sandy Metzler –  preservation of garden produce
  • Site-One Landscape Supply – irrigation and landscape supplies
  • Tower Gardens
  • Xen Nursery – drought-tolerant plants


Heather Doheny – Kitchen Composting
Shantelle Hummelle – Pruning
Okanagan Floral Art – Floral Design
Okanagan Master Gardeners – Seed starting
P.S. Florals – Kokedama Balls
Catherin Acutt – Flower Petals and Leaves Papermaking
Laverne De Yaegher – Planting containers
Marilyn Degraw – Double Your Pleasure– Potted Flowers from Inside Out

kokedama demonstration at Gardening into the Future


9:30 am
Mario Lanthier – Horticulturalist and specialist in Plant Health Care

100 years of pest management– The past, present and future

11:00 am
Sigrie Kendrick – Executive Director, Okanagan Xeriscape Association

Xeriscape, the Future of Sustainable Gardening

1:00 pm
Ken Salvail – Horticulturalist, KHS Landscape Professionals

Vegetable Growing Tomorrow: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Innovation

2:30 pm
Laverne De Yaegher – Master Gardener

Creative Container Gardening: Beyond Just a Geranium in a Pot!
Don Bunett is hosting the Gardening Into the Future event


Mario Lanthier

9:30 am
Horticulturalist and specialist in Plant Health Care
100 years of Pest Management – Past, Present, and Future

We have come a long way since DDT was sprayed on apple trees in the 1950s. There are landmark events in the past 70 years that are impacting us today: the realization that not all bugs are bad, the registration of new safer products, advances in molecular biology, and the melting of mountain glaciers. Where will it take us in the next 30 years? Let’s try reading the crystal ball to predict the changes coming soon in plant and pest management.

Mario Lanthier speaker at the Gardening into the Future event

Sigrie Kendrick

11:00 am
Executive Director, Okanagan Xeriscape Association
Xeriscape, the Future of Sustainable Gardening

Open the door to a whole new way of looking at your landscape, whether it’s the yard around your house, landscaping around your condo, the entrance to your business, or the welcome to a new home or subdivision.

The emphasis will be on Gardening with Nature, conserving water and energy in the process, while creating beauty.

Sigrie Kendrick speaker at the Gardening into the Future event

Ken Salvail

1:00 pm
An insightful presentation on the Future of Gardening! Explore the challenges of rising prices impacting availability, and delve into the impact of climate change on backyard gardening. Discover innovative techniques used by today’s growers in the greenhouse crop and management world. Uncover the role of modern home solutions like the use of shade cloth and insect mesh as well as the “no dig” method of vegetable gardening, while also revisiting the wisdom of old technologies like root cellars for efficient food storage. Be part of the conversation shaping the future of sustainable and resilient gardening practices.

Ken Salvail speaker at the Gardening into the Future event

Laverne De Yaegher

2:30 pm
 Master Gardener | Creative Container Gardening: Beyond Just a Geranium in a Pot!

Laverne will discuss all aspects of growing a stunning container garden. He will cover the pros and cons of different container materials, proper soil selection, watering, fertilizing, and proper plant selection for the location. Different styles of plantings as well as unusual and interesting plant selections and garden art will be mentioned. A demo on creating a container will end the seminar. Come and be inspired for creating your own summer pots!

Laverne DeYaeger will be presenting at the Gardening into the Future event

If you are interested in being part of our gardening trade for this event, we will be highlighting garden-related local businesses, artists, and educational groups.PDF files for our Terms & Conditions and an Applicaton Form are available below. If you have any questions please contact Alicja

We would love to hear from you!